Comerio Homes Crafts Your Dream Home Journey

At Comerio Homes, we understand that building a new home is an exciting journey filled with possibilities. From the moment you step through our door, we’re dedicated to guiding you through every step of the homebuilding process. Whether you’re embarking on this journey for the first time or you’re an experienced homeowner, our team is here to ensure that your vision becomes a reality.

1: Select Your Perfect Home Plan & Homesite

Explore our diverse range of home plans designed to suit various lifestyles and preferences

Choose the perfect location at one of or communities (or build on your own land)

2. Obtain Mortgage Pre-Approval

Work with our trusted lending partners to secure mortgage pre-approval, ensuring a smooth and streamlined financing process

3. Review All Features and Selections

Meet with our experienced team to review the features, finishes, and customization options available for your new home

From flooring to fixtures, we’ll help you personalize every detail to reflect your unique style and preferences

4. Process New Home Sale Contract with Deposit

Once you’ve selected your home plan and made your selections, we’ll guide you through the contract process and secure your new home with a deposit

5. Personalize Your Home in Our Design Center

Visit our state-of-the-art Design Center to bring your vision to life!

Work with our design experts to choose finishes, colors, and upgrades that reflect your personal taste and lifestyle, with exceptional granularity in choice

6. Pre-Construction Meeting, Build Permits Received

Attend a pre-construction meeting to review the building timeline, process, and any final details before construction begins

Our team will handle all necessary permits and approvals to ensure a seamless construction process. Homebuilding has never been easier!

7. Construction Begins

Watch as your dream home takes shape from the ground up

Our skilled craftsmen and construction team will ensure the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship throughout the building process

8. Pre-Drywall Walk-Through

Take a walkthrough of your home before drywall installation to inspect the framing, plumbing, and electrical work. After you’ve personally reviewed the quality of your future, home, we’ll wrap up and move on to the…

9. … Pre-Trim Walk-Through

Review the progress of your home as it nears completion, including trim work, cabinets, and interior finishes. This will be another opportunity for you and your family to be personally involved with finalization of your future home

10. Complete Construction/Internal Quality Inspections

In tandem with your personal reviews, our team conducts thorough quality inspections at every stage of construction to ensure that your home meets our exacting standards of excellence

11. New Home Warranty Orientation Walk-Through

Prior to closing, we’ll conduct a comprehensive walk-through of your new home, highlighting its features and warranty coverage

12. Closing and Move-In Day! 🎉

Celebrate the culmination of your homebuilding journey as you receive the keys to your brand-new home

Move in and start creating unforgettable memories in the space you’ve always dreamed of! Don’t forget to keep us up to date with your home’s lived-in look (or decor during the Holidays)

13. 90-Day and 11-Month Customer Care Follow-Up

Our commitment to your satisfaction doesn’t end on closing day

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that our customer care team is available to address any questions or concerns you may have during your first year in your new home

And of course: If at any point you have questions or concerns with your new home (or the build process), check over our FAQ or get in touch with us

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