How to finish drywall on stilts with Damon Comerio

How Comerio Homes Finishes Drywall on Stilts

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For those “too-high-to-reach” places, you’ll need scaffolding and drywall stilts!

When you’re building a new home or remodeling an existing room, sometimes you will need to hang drywall. This is what it looks like when we are finishing the drywall in a house. It actually takes a lot of skill to walk around on these giant drywall stilts.

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Check out one of our guys walking around on these 4 feet tall stilts… he’s got a pretty clever trick for picking up items he drops… like when he drops his tape knife here. We have to use these tall stilts to drywall the vaulted ceilings but we also use scaffolding to safely work on the second story.

How We Finish Drywall on Stilts

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