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The Benefits of Living in the Suburbs

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Countless suburbs dot the American landscape, and according to Trulia, a whopping 53% of Americans describe themselves as ‘suburbanites’. With a number that high, it makes one deduce that there must be some distinct benefits of living in the suburbs, and that brings us to the question, “What would those benefits be?”.

As cities become more congested, as urban real-estate prices soar, and as safety within many metropolitan areas becomes an increased concern, many individuals are drawn to the benefits of living in a suburban setting.  As a home builder in Overland Park, we know the popularity of suburban life is on the rise and, here, are just a few reasons why a more relaxed lifestyle is gaining immense appeal.

Living in the Suburbs Offers a Myriad of Amenities

More Space – As families grow, having ample space for kids and pets is a biggie for many couples.  Large yards, wider streets and proximity to parks, community pools, entertainment venues, eateries, and schools, beckon families to opt for living in the suburbs over living in a noisy, over-populated city environment.

Having more space goes hand-in-hand with having increased privacy and solitude.  In apartments or condos, listening to someone’s music or barking dogs through the walls isn’t, particularly, appealing.  Want to grow your own garden?  In the suburbs you can do that!  Want to build a she-shed or a man-cave?  In the suburbs you can do that, too!  Increased privacy and increased freedoms allow one to gain a sense of personal sovereignty and solitude.    

Optimized Affordability – Who doesn’t enjoy getting more for their buck?  The adage, Less is more, is true in many situations, but when it comes to personal space, not so much!  Oftentimes, by living in the suburbs, one can relish more square-footage in a larger home for the same price (or less) than that of an apartment or much smaller home, in the city.

And let’s not forget the cost of parking.  If one were paying for parking space each month in the city, one can kiss that cost good-bye by living in the suburbs where one’s home would, probably, have a 2 or 3-car garage!

Increased Safety – It’s an established fact that cities are home to more crime than suburbs.  Also, cities have the dubious distinction of being home to crime offenses that are more violent.  This is supported by the FBI’s Criminal Justice Information Services Division.  Especially for families, maximized safety is a top priority, and suburbs offer a safer haven.   

Enhanced Education – There are a number of reasons why school systems in the suburbs offer a higher-quality of education than their city counterparts.  One reason is due to the smaller class sizes of suburban schools.  With fewer students in respective classrooms, children harvest the immense benefit of more teacher attention and less teacher burn-out.

The US Department of Education states that city public schools, typically, receive less federal funding than schools in suburban areas.  Unfortunately, funding disparities between these two locales remains a nationwide issue.  With more funding funneled into suburban schools, students receive more opportunities for enriched learning.

Ease of Mobility – Getting around in the city can be stressful.  Whether one’s schedule involves school drop-offs, children having to take mass-transit to reach extra-curricular activities, or workers trying to find a parking space, those who live in cities face mobility and congestion-related stress.

Living in the suburbs changes all that.  Frequently, school locations in suburbs are within walking distance for many children.  Enjoying closer proximity and less traffic to everything from kids’ sports venues, restaurants, churches, and grocery stores is a huge benefit of living in the suburbs! 

True Sense of Community – Living in the suburbs allows community spirit to be, optimally, nurtured.  Becoming close with next-door neighbors, kids playing with friends outside, BBQs, and other social niceties become part of a much more relaxed lifestyle.

Is Living in the Suburbs on Your Wishlist?

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