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The Process of Choosing Comerio Homes – A Step-by-Step Guide

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Ah, the excitement of building a new home – the anticipation can feel exhilarating!  Much like planning for a dream vacation, calculated steps with the home-build process must be planned out, as well.  As a home builder in Johnson County KS, we want to ensure the projected outcome for your new home unfolds as seamlessly as possible.  

Choosing Comerio Homes means you have selected an industry-applauded home-building company.  We offer unsurpassed expertise regarding home construction – from dream to design to delivery!  In order to maximize efficiency, accuracy, and precision throughout the home-build process, the following  steps are included:

1. Select Your Perfect Home Plan and Homesite – select a home plan that meets your desires regarding size, style, and layout.  Will we build on your land or on ours?  We will work with you, every step of the way!

2. Obtain Mortgage Pre-approval – being pre-approved (not synonymous with being pre-qualified) is essential since it tells you and our team that the lending institution is, likely, fully ready to lend the necessary funds.  Being pre-approved means homebuyers can move through the home-build process more efficiently.

3. Review All Features and Selections – from interior elements that will include doors, baseboards, kitchen counters, cabinets, etc. to exterior elements that will include light posts, roofing material, and more – let us know what you desire.  Our experienced staff will assist you!   

4. Process New-Home Sale Contract, with Deposit – a new-home sale contract projects the closing date, the terms of the contract, who pays which expenses, the obligations of both parties, and other information.  This contract serves as a guide – right up until you move into your new home.  An earnest-money deposit would be included, here.

5. Personalize Your Home at Our Design Center – schedule a design-center appointment.  You will delight in selecting everything from floor finishes, cabinet styles, and types of door knobs to faucet designs, lighting fixtures, hardware, and more!  Let the fun begin! 

6. Pre-Construction Meeting/Build Permits Received – this meeting at the build site covers technical aspects and what to expect over the next few months.  From vendors to timelines, many details will be discussed to help you gain clarity with the home-build process.  Our team will make sure all necessary build permits are in place.

7. Construction Begins – the construction site is cleared and prepared, and the foundation is poured.  Once the curing process is complete, a city inspector will visit the site to make sure the foundation components are properly installed and up to code.

8. Pre-Drywall Walk-Through – we will walk through the home with you at its framed stage w/no drywall in place.  We will point out where ceiling fixtures will be located and where outlets, light switches, etc are positioned.  You will want to make sure window placements, door heights and other details meet your approval.

9. Pre-Trim Walk-Through – at this stage, the sheet rock is done, and all things related to what the trim carpenter will do, will be discussed – built-ins, shelving, cabinetry, closets, pantries, fireplace mantel, etc.      

10. Complete Construction/Internal Quality Inspections – once construction is completed, a thorough walk-through of your gorgeous new home will take place!  The mechanics and operations of light fixtures, ceiling fans, appliances, doors & windows, etc will be assessed to ensure your home meets your expectations and ours!

You will be shown the main water valve, how the sump pump works, review the electrical panel, how to change the HVAC filter, testing smoke detectors, and much more.  We want you to feel comfortable in your home the first day you move in!

11. New-Home Warranty Orientation Walk-Through – at your new home, we will go over the warranties with you:  1) the structural warranty – from windows to siding to plumbing, etc and 2)  the systems & appliance warranty – from the refrigerator to the HVAC system to faucets & fixtures, and more.

We will show you how to make a service request to address the unlikely event that a warranted issue might arise.

12. Closing and Move-In Day – this is our time to say, ‘Welcome Home’!  Typically, our clients move into their new homes the same day as closing.   The locks will be re-keyed to your keys to ensure you and your family are the only ones who have access to your home.

13. 90-Day and 11-Month Customer Care Follow Up – we will set dates for a 90-day and 11-month walk-through of your home, as part of our customer care follow-up.  This allows our team to make any repairs before the end of the respective warranty periods.  Your happiness with your home is ours, as well!  

At Comerio Homes, we are with you from the moment you step through our door until the moment you step through yours!  Building a home begins with a dream, and at Comerio Homes, we bring those dreams to fruition!

Ready for That Dream Home?  Let’s Chat!

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