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Flooded Basement in a New Home Construction

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Flooded Basement

This is why you need a sump pump.

When you live in Kansas or Missouri, your home will likely have a basement. And if you’ve ever had a basement, you know that rain can be a major issue, especially in a older homes that have not been updated.

Do you have a basement that needs to be updated?

This video shows you why sump pumps are so important for keeping a basement dry and why all new homes have a sump pump. I just stopped by a new home construction after a few days of rain and found a  flooded basement We had about 4 inches of standing water.  Since this home is a new construction, we do not have power yet to run the sump pump. So, you can see why that sump pump is so important to keeping your basement dry.

Flooded Basement in a New Home Construction

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